Chettinad Special Kara Paniyaram Recipe

Ingredients :

Rice (Pachai Arisi) – 1 cup

Boiled Rice (Puzhungal Arisi) – 1 cup

Bengal Gram (Kadalai Paruppu)  – 1/4 cup

Black Gram (Ulutham Paruppu) – 1/2 cup

Green chili’s – 6

Onions – 1 cup

Coriander leaves, Curry leaves

Coconut pieces


* – things to be done the day before preparing paniyaram


Method :

1. *Grind rice, boiled rice coarsely

2. *Grind black gram finely

3. Mix both the batters, add salt and wait till next day

4. Add green chili’s, onions, bengal gram, coriander leaves, curry leaves, curd, coconut pieces to the batter mix well and steam cook the paniyaram in paniyaram vessel (paniyarak kal)


Rice in tamil is called Pachai Arisi

Boiled Rice in tamil is called Puzhungal Arisi

Bengal Gram in tamil is called Kadalai Paruppu

Black Gram in tamil is called Ulutham Paruppu

Coriander leaves in tamil is called kothamalli

Curry leaves in tamil is called karuveppilai


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