Chettinad Mixed Vegetable Curry Recipe


Green brinjal/ Pachai Kathirikai

Potato/ Urulai Kizhangu

Onion/ Vengayam


Cabbage/ Muttakos

Green peas/ Pacahai Pattani

Small Onions/ Sambar Vengayam/ Chinna Vengayam

Red chili’s/ Kaintha Milagai

Pepper/ Milagu

Ginger/ Inji

Garlic/ Poondu



Mustard/ Kaduku

Curry leaves/ Karuveppilai



1.take some poppy seeds soak it in hot water and grind it, then take some dried red chili, pepper, ginger, garlic, small onions, cumin seeds(seerakam), ani seed(sombu) and grind them together, keep it aside to mix it later to the curry

2.Steam cook  green peas, beans and potato

3.Take a pan put some oil and heat it and add mustard, curry leaves, onion and fry lightly, add the brinjals now fry it nicely

4.After frying it nicely add the grinded masala paste and salt

5.Mix and fry well

6.Then add the steam cooked vegetables to it and let the curry boil till it turns to a thick gravy,now the dish is ready.


seerakam in english is called as cumin seeds

sombu in english is called as ani seeds.