Vegetable Fritters Recipe


Onion – 3

Carrot – 3

Cabbage – 200 grams

capsicum  – 2

soya sauce – 2 table spoon

chili sauce – 1 table spoon

tomato sauce – 1 table spoon


bread crums – 2 table spoon

corn flour powder – 1 table spoon

wheat – 1 table spoon

gram flour (kadalai maavu) – 2 table spoon

and oil.



1. Cut the vegetables and soak it in cold water for half an hour

2. After soaking put it on a plate and add salt, chili powder and add all the sauces to it, mix well keep it aside for ten minutes

3. After ten minutes add the flours, bread crums and mix it well with hands (like putting pakodas)

4. Now deep fry them in oil and the dish is ready.