Aroma oils for hairfall control and good hair growth

Aroma oils for hairfall control:

Take five teaspoons of Castor oil,half a teaspoon of Juniper Berry oil, one teaspoon of Ylang Ylang oil, one teaspoon of Kutcholy oil, gingely oil four teaspoons, mix them, apply it to hair and massage well.

After soaking well for five to six hours rinse the hair well to remove all the oil.  By repeating this process hairfall gets controlled.

Aroma oils to improve the growth of hair :

Take half a teaspoon of Lavender oil,two teaspoons of Lemon oil, one teaspoon of Teatree oil and two teaspoons of Rosemary oil mix them well with Coconut oil and use it daily. This improves the hair growth on regular use.