Andhra Special Gongura Pachadi Recipe

Ingredients :

Gongura leaves (Pulicha Keerai/ Sorrel leaves)- 3 cups

Tamarind/ Chintha Pandu

Small onions/ Chinna Ullipaya – 2 cups

Onions/ Ullipaya – 1 cup


Mustard/ Avalu, Cumin seeds/ Jeelakkara

Red chili’s/ Yendu Mirapakayalu

Urad dhal/ Ulundu/ Minapappu – 1/4 cup


Method :

1. Put oil in a pan, add gongura leaves and fry until it reduces in size, add water and let it cook until the water drains

2. Grind the gongura leaves along with red chili’s, salt, urad dhal, little sugar, tamarind, onion pieces till it becomes fine paste by adding water in between

3. Put oil in a pan add mustard, cumin seeds, small onions and fry, now add the gongura pachadi, mix well and the recipe is ready


Gongura in tamil is called Pulicha Keerai and Sorrel leaves in english

Urad dhal in tamil is called Ulundu and Minapappu in telugu