Chettinad Aval Payasam Recipe

Ingredients :

Aval (Beaten Rice/ Rice Flakes) – 1 cup

Milk – 1/2 litre

Coconut milk – 1 cup



Cashew nuts (Mundhiri Paruppu)

Dried grapes/ Raisins (Dhiratchai)

Cardamom powder (Elaichi powder/ Yellakai)

Method :

1. Take a pan add ghee heat it, add rice flakes, cashew nuts, dried grapes and fry till it turns to golden brown in color

2. Take another vessel pour the milk and boil it, while boiling add sugar to it and mix well

3. Now add the previously fried ingredients to the boiling milk

4. After two – three minutes add the cardamom powder, coconut milk, mix well, let the payasam boil and the recipe is ready


Aval in english is called as Beaten Rice/ Rice Flakes

Cashew nuts in tamil is called as Mundhiri Paruppu

Dried grapes/ Raisins in tamil is called as Dhiratchai

Cardamom powder in hindi is called as Elaichi powder in tamil is called as Yellakai

Coconut Milk in tamil is called as Thengai Paal