Milagai Bajji Recipe | Green Chili Fritters Recipe

Ingredients :

Green Chili’s/ Pachai Milagai/ Mirapakaya – 2 (big)

Besan Flour/ Kadalai maavu – 150 gm

Rice Flour/ Arisi maavu – 3 to 4 Teaspoons

Red Chili Powder/ Milagai thool

Coriander Powder/ Dhania thool

Asafoetida powder/ Asafetida powder/ Perungaya podi


Oil/ Yennai

Method :

1. Cut the green chili’s in center (vertically) and remove the seeds

2. Take a bowl add besan flour, rice flour, red chili powder, coriander powder, asafoetida powder and salt. Add water to the ingredients and make a smooth batter

3. Take a pan add oil and heat it, dip the cut green chili’s in the batter and deep fry them in heated oil, the recipe is ready

Alternative Vegetables :

Vegetables like Plantain, Onions, and Potato can be used instead of Green chili’s


Green Chili’s in tamil is called Pachai Milagai and in telugu is called Mirapakaya

Plantain in tamil is called Vazhakkai

Onions in tamil is called Vengayam

Potato in tamil is called Urulai kizhangu

Besan Flour in tamil is called Kadalai maavu

Rice Flour in tamil is called Arisi maavu

Red Chili Powder in tamil is called Milagai thool

Coriander Powder in tamil is called Dhania thool

Asafoetida powder/ Asafetida powder in tamil is called Perungaya podi

Oil in tamil is called Yennai