Delicious & Healthy Badam Kheer Recipe

Ingredients :

Badam/ Almonds – 25 to 30

Almond essence – 3 to 4 drops

Cardamom/ Elaichi/ Yelakkai – 4/5

Saffron/ Kum Kum poo

Charoli/ Sara paruppu – 5/6

Raisins/ Ularnda Thiratchai – 4/5


Sugar/ Chakkarai


Kesari color/ Saffron color/ Orange food color – a pinch

Method :

1. Grind to paste by adding almonds (remove outer skin) and milk (depending upon the consistency required to make the paste)

2. Meanwhile fry with ghee by adding the other nuts like charoli, raisins and cardamom

3. Now take a vessel add milk and boil it, as the milk is boiling add the almond paste and sugar, mix well for the almond paste to blend along with the boiling milk

4. Once the kheer is ready remove from heat, add almond essence, food color, mix well, garnish/ decorate with the previously fried nuts and saffron/ evenly cut almonds into two equal halves and use it for decorating the kheer. The recipe is ready


Badam in english is called Almonds

Cardamom in hindi is called Elaichi and in tamil is called Yelakkai

Saffron in tamil is called Kum Kum poo

Charoli in tamil is called Sara paruppu

Raisins in tamil is called Ularnda Thiratchai

Sugar in tamil is called Chakkarai