Festival Special Adhirasam Recipe

Ingredients :

Raw Rice/ Pachai arisi – 4 cups

Jaggery/ Vellam

Cardamom powder/ Elaichi/ Yellakai


Plantain leaf/ Vazhai ilai – cut to small square pieces

Method :

1. Wash raw rice and make it to dry (spread a dry cloth on a plate and put rice on it)

2. Once the rice gets dried grind it to fine rice powder (sieve the rice powder so that only thin and fine powder is obtained)

3. Meanwhile prepare jaggery syrup by adding it to hot boiling water. Stir contimously until the jaggery turns to its correct syrup consistency

4. Take a bowl/ vessel add rice powder, cardamom powder, jaggery syrup (add little by little and mix so that a smooth dough consistency is obtained) and ghee/ oil. Mix well and make a smooth dough

5. Take a vessel add ghee/ oil (required amount to deep fry) and heat it. Make small balls out of the dough and flatten them, use plantain leaf (put some ghee/ oil as lubricant on the leaf so that the dough does’nt stick while flattening) as base to make the flat adhirasam’s

6. Now deep fry the adhirasam’s to golden brown color. Press the adhirasam’s by keeping them in between two small plates after removing them from heat, the recipe is ready


Raw Rice in tamil is called Pachai arisi

Jaggery in tamil is called Vellam

Cardamom powder in hindi is called Elaichi and in tamil is called Yellakai

Plantain leaf in tamil is called Vazhai ilai