Mango Custard Recipe

Ingredients :


Custard powder

Sugar/ Chakkarai

Mango pulp

Whipped cream


1. Take a vessel and boil milk, while the milk is boiling add sugar and stir well

2. Now take a small bowl, dissolve the custard powder by adding 2 cups of cold milk, mix well without forming lumps

3. Add the above made custard solution to the boiling milk little by little and keep stirring it for 4-5 minutes. Once the milk gets the thick consistency remove it from heat and set aside for the custard to cool

4. Now add the required amount of mango pulp, and one spoon of whipped cream to the custard and mix well, decorate it by adding mango pieces or any nuts, the recipe is ready


Alternate Method : (Instead of custard powder) : Take corn flour powder, 2 eggs (beat them separately) and mix it with cold milk



Sugar in tamil is called Chakkarai