Chicken Dum Biryani Recipe


Basmathi Rice/ Biryani Rice – 3 cups

Chicken – cut into small pieces

Onions/ Vengayam – 2 cups (fry to golden brown color in oil)

Green Chili’s/ Pachai Milagai – 7

Ginger Garlic Paste/ Inji Poondu Vizhuthu

Bay Leaves/ Birinji ilai

Cloves/ Krambu

Cinnamon/ Pattai

Cardamom/ Yelakkai/ Elaichi

Star anise

Mint leaves/ Pudina – finely chopped (1 cup)

Coriander leaves/ Kothamalli ilai

Black Cumin’s/ Kala Jeera/ Karupu Seerakam

Cumin Seeds/ Seerakam/ Jeeragham

Mustard/ Kaduku

Lemon juice/ Elumichai saaru – 2-3 teaspoons

Red chili powder/ Milagai thool

Coriander powder/ Dhania thool

Turmeric powder/ Manjal thool


Oil/ Yennai


Saffron/ Kum Kum Poo

Milk – 1 cup



1. Marinate chicken (for atleast 7-8 hours) by adding ingredients like fried onions, Green Chili’s, Ginger Garlic Paste, Bay Leaves, Cloves, Cinnamon, Star anise, Pudina, Coriander leaves, Kala Jeera, Cumin Seeds, Mustard, Lemon juice, Red chili powder, Coriander powder, Turmeric powder, Salt and Oil

2. Cook rice separately by adding cardamom

3. Take a vessel add ghee and heat it. After the ghee gets heated, add the marinated chicken (spread it through out the vessel as the first layer), on top of it add the cooked rice and finally add the saffron milk to the rice (separately prepare saffron milk by adding saffron to the warm milk and boil it)


4. Now cover the vessel with a wet cloth fully and close the lid. Cook the biryani slowly for 40 – 50 minutes by keeping it in between low and medium heat, once the biryani gets cooked mix the rice and chicken well, and the recipe is ready


Basmathi Rice in tamil is called Biryani Rice

Onions in tamil is called  Vengayam

Green Chili’s in tamil is called  Pachai Milagai

Ginger Garlic Paste in tamil is called  Inji Poondu Vizhuthu

Bay Leaves in tamil is called  Birinji ilai

Cloves in tamil is called  Krambu

Cinnamon in tamil is called  Pattai

Cardamom in tamil is called  Yelakkai and  in hindi is called Elaichi

Mint leaves in tamil is called  Pudina

Coriander leaves in tamil is called  Kothamalli ilai

Black Cumin’s in hindi is called  Kala Jeera and in tamil is called  Karupu Seerakam

Cumin Seeds in tamil is called Seerakam/ Jeeragham

Mustard in tamil is called  Kaduku

Lemon juice in tamil is called  Elumichai saaru

Red chili powder in tamil is called  Milagai thool

Turmeric powder in tamil is called  Manjal thool

Oil in tamil is called  Yennai

Saffron in tamil is called  Kum Kum Poo