Tasty Vegetable Cutlet Recipe

Ingredients :

Potato’s/ Urulai kizhangu – 4

Carrot’s – 2

Green peas/ Pachai pattani – 1 cup

Lemon juice/ Elumichai pazha saru

Cashew nuts/ Mundhiri paruppu (broken/ small pieces)

Cumin seeds/ Seerakam/ Jeeragham

Red chili powder/ Milagai thool

Coriander powder/ Dhania thool

Turmeric powder/ Manjal thool

Garam masala

Ginger garlic paste/ inji poondu vizhuthu

Finely milled wheat flour/ All purpose flour/ Maida Flour

Bread Crumbs

Oil/ yennai


Method :

1. Steam cook all vegetables like carrot’s, green peas together and potato’s seperately

2. After steam cooking the potato’s add them to a bowl and mash them well

3. Now take a pan add oil and heat it, Add cumin seeds, let it splutter, then add cashew nuts and fry well

4, After frying the cashew nuts, add ginger garlic paste, carrot’s, green peas (mash both the vegetable’s before adding), turmeric powder, garam masala, red chili powder, coriander powder and salt. Mix and fry well

5. Add the fried carrot and green peas masala to the mashed potato’s, mix well, after mixing add little lemon juice and again mix well

6. Now take a plate and add bread crumbs (spread it all over the plate). Take a bowl add maida flour and water (make an evenly dissolved maida solution)

7. Make small round shaped balls out of the potato’s mixture and flatten it lightly, now dip it lightly in the maida and immediately put them in the plate containing the bread crumbs (so that the bread crumbs makes a fine layer/ coating to the cutlet on both sides)

8. Heat oil in a vessel, add these cutlets and deep fry them until they turn into golden brown in color, the recipe is ready

Altermate method :

The cutlets can be cooked in conventional oven, by preheating it for 475 degrees and fry them for 20 minutes ie., till they turn golden brown in color


Potato’s in tamil is called Urulai kizhangu

Green peas in tamil is called  Pachai pattani

Lemon juice in tamil is called   Elumichai pazha saru

Cashew nuts in tamil is called   Mundhiri paruppu

Cumin seeds in tamil is called  Seerakam/ Jeeragham

Red chili powder in tamil is called  Milagai thool

Coriander powder in tamil is called   Dhania thool

Turmeric powder in tamil is called   Manjal thool

Ginger garlic paste in tamil is called  inji poondu vizhuthu

Oil in tamil is called   yennai