Spicy Lobster Tail Recipe

Ingredients :

Lobster tail

Red chili powder/ Milagai thool

Coriander powder/ Dhania thool

Garam masala

Turmeric powder/ Manjal thool

Rosemary (spice)

Dried Mint leaves/ Kaintha Pudina ilai

Lemon juice/ Elumichai pazha saru

Oil/ yennai



Method :

1. Take a bowl add red chili powder, coriander powder,  garam masala, turmeric powder, rosemary, dried mint leaves, salt, oil, little amount of lemon juice and water. Mix well to make it into a thick paste


2. Now add the lobster into the paste made (so that the spicy paste is coated to the lobster on all sides)

3. Keep it aside for 15 – 20 minutes

4. Meanwhile preheat the conventional oven to 475 degrees (coat the grilling plate with oil), once the temperature sets in the oven place the lobster in the grilling plate and let it cook, the recipe is ready

Red chili powder in tamil is called Milagai thool

Coriander powder in tamil is called  Dhania thool

Turmeric powder in tamil is called  Manjal thool

Dried Mint leaves in tamil is called   Kaintha Pudina ilai

Lemon juice in tamil is called   Elumichai pazha saru

Oil in tamil is called  yennai