Coconut Burfi Recipe | Thengai Burfi Recipe

Ingredients :

Grated Coconut/ Thuruviya Thengai – 2 1/2 cups

Cardamom/ Elaichi

Almonds/ Badam

Cashew nuts/ Mundhiri paruppu (small fine pieces)

Sugar/ Sakkarai – 3-4 Tbs

Milk – 3 cups


Method : 

1. Take a vessel, add ghee and heat it

2. Now add the grated coconut to the ghee, mix and fry well continously

3. Then add cardamom, cashew nuts, Mix and fry well

4. After frying the above ingredients, add sugar and continue stirring (until all the ingredients get well fried)

5. Now add milk to it, mix well and keep stirring until all the moisture gets off, Meanwhile take a plate grease it with small amount of ghee

6. Once the sweet is ready take it from the stove and put it in the greased plate (flatten its top surface/ make it surface smooth), Refrigerate it for half-an-hour

7. Once the burfi is set decorate it with almonds, the recipe is ready


Grated Coconut in tamil is called Thuruviya Thengai

Cardamom in tamil is called Elaichi

Almonds in tamil is called Badam

Cashew nuts in tamil is called Mundhiri paruppu

Sugar in tamil is called Sakkarai