Fondant Recipe

Ingredients :


Vanilla syrup – 2 to 3 drops

Icing Sugar

Food color

Method :

1. Add marshmallow’s and vanilla syrup to a microwave safe bowl and microwave it for 30 seconds (or more according to the quantity of marshmallows added) until the marshmallow’s melt

2. Let it cool, now add icing sugar to the melted marshmallow’s ¬†at regular intervals and mix it together to make a smooth dough (without sticking)

3. Once the dough is made, divide them into seperate balls (number depends on how many colored fondant required for the particular cake decoration)

4. To add food color to the fondant make a small trough shape in the fondant ball and add the food color to it, now close the small trough and again make a nice round ball with your hands. And using a roller make it flat (by doing this the food color added will evenly spread throughout the dough. Repeat the same process for adding colors to other fondant balls)

5. Then again make them as round balls and wrap it with food storage/ refrigerator bags and refrigerate it for storing them (has a shelf life upto 3 weeks), the recipe is ready