Nachos Dip Recipe | Corn Chips Dip Recipe

Ingredients :

Red gram/ Thuvaram paruppu – 2 cups

Spinach leaves/ Pasalai keerai – 1 packet

Onions/ Vengayam – 1 cup

Green chili’s/ Pachai Milagai – 4-5

Velveeta cheese/ any cheese with soft and smooth texture – 1 cube

Oil/ Yennai


Method :

1. Pressure cook the red gram and keep it aside

2. Take a pan, heat oil and lightly fry the spinach leaves

3. Grind to paste by adding previously fried spinach, onions and green chili’s

4. Now add the grinded spinach paste, velveeta cheese, salt and sufficient amount of water to the previously cooked red gram. Mix well and let it cook for some more time (until the cheese blends well with the red gram and spinach paste), the recipe is ready


Red gram in tamil is called Thuvaram paruppu

Spinach leaves in tamil is called Pasalai keerai

Onions in tamil is called  Vengayam

Green chili’s in tamil is called Pachai Milagai

Oil in tamil is called Yennai