Two Cheese Asparagus with Spaghetti Recipe

Ingredients :

1. Asparagus/ Thaneervittan Kodi – cut them into small 1 inch pieces

2. Garlic/ Poondu – 5

3. Garlic Pepper Seasoning

4. Spaghetti (Thin) /Neelaman Noodles – * cook it and keep it aside

5. Monterey Cheese/ Paalkatti – 1 cup (shredded)

6. Parmesan Cheese – 3 spoons full

7. Barbecue Sauce

8. Habanero Sauce

9. Hash Browns/ Ponniramak Varutha Urulai Kizhangu Thuruval – 1 cup

10. Broccoli – 5-6 flowers (small)

11. Onions/ Vengayam – 1 cup

12. Red Chili Flakes

13. Oil/ Yennai

14. Salt

Two Cheese Asparagus with Spaghetti Recipe

Method :

1. Cook asparagus in boiling water along with garlic, garlic pepper seasoning and salt, until it becomes tender

2. Then strain water and keep it aside (* collect the strained water in separate bowl and use it for cooking spaghetti )

3. Now take a pan add oil and heat it, Add onions and fry well, then add the previously cooked asparagus and spaghetti, fry well

4. Add habanero sauce and barbecue sauce, mix and fry well. Add salt

5. When the ingredients get nicely blended and cooked add both the cheese’s, mix and cook. Turn off the stove and let the dish slightly cool, then transfer to a serving plate

6. Now add hash browns and broccoli on the top (stir fry broccoli and hash browns together by adding red chili flakes), the recipe is ready


Asparagus in tamil is called Thaneervittan Kodi

Garlic in tamil is called Poondu

Cheese in tamil is called Paalkatti