Mixed Vegetable Kadai Curry Recipe

* This dish is modified version of Kadai Paneer Recipe, where paneer is substituted by healthy vegetables and no butter is added, the curry goes well with chapathi, puri, rice and etc., you can also add mushrooms, potato’s or any vegetables (except vegetables containing more water)…

Ingredients :

1. Carrots – 1 cup

2. Green Peas/ Pachai Pattani – 1/2 cup

3. Flat Beans – 1 cup

4. Onions/ Vengayam – 1 cup (chop them into big square shape pieces)

5. Capsicum/ Kudai Milagai – 1 cup

6. Coriander Leaves/ Kothamalli ilai

7. Tomato/ Thakkali – 2

8. Green Chili/ Pachai Milagai – 2

9. Ginger/ Inji

10. Garlic/ Poondu

11. Bay Leaves/ Birinji ilai – 4

12. Aniseeds/ Sombu

13. Curry Powder

14. Salt

15. Turmeric Powder/ Manjal Thool

16. Oil/ Yennai

mixed vegetable kadai curry

Method :

1. Heat oil in a pan, fry both onions and capsicum to golden brown color by adding curry powder

2. Grind to fine paste by adding tomato, green chili’s, garlic and ginger, keep it aside

3. Take another vessel, heat oil, add bay leaves and aniseeds, let it splutter (* you can also use the same vessel used for frying onions and capsicum)

4. Now add the vegetables like carrots, flat beans and green peas, mix and fry well, add turmeric powder (* if required can add little chili powder for increasing the spice in the curry)

5. After frying the vegetables well add the grinded paste, salt, let it cook, add sufficient amount of water if required (* if more water is added, add lttle corn flour powder to obtain required curry consistency)/ paste is very thick

6. Now while the ingredients are getting cooked add the previously fried onions and capsicum to the curry, let it cook (if required can add ghee before switching off the stove), garnish with coriander leaves, the recipe is ready

Green Peas  in tamil is called Pachai Pattani

Onions  in tamil is called Vengayam

Capsicum  in tamil is called Kudai Milagai

Coriander Leaves  in tamil is called Kothamalli ilai

Tomato   in tamil is called

Green Chili   in tamil is called Milagai

Ginger   in tamil is called Inji

Garlic   in tamil is called Poondu

Bay Leaves  in tamil is called  Birinji ilai

Aniseeds  in tamil is called  Sombu

Turmeric Powder  in tamil is called Manjal Thool

Oil   in tamil is called Yennai