Fuyu Persimmon – Nutritional Facts and much more

About Fuyu Persimmon and Difference between Fuyu and Hachiya Persimmon :

Fuyu Persimmon known to the ancient Greeks as “Fruit of the Gods”, the name is derived from Persian meaning “Date Plum”. There are two types of persimmons like hachiya persimmon and fuyu persimmon, where fuyu can be consumed before and after ripe (still ripe fuyu persimmons taste much more delicious than unripe fruit), but hachiya cannot be consumed until ripe, as unripe fruit will be hard and taste like tart. The other difference between hachiya and fuyu is their shapes, fuyu is squat shaped and flat bottomed (look like small pumpkins and even taste similarly like them) whereas hachiya are long and oval shaped (like roma tomato’s)


Best Ways of Cutting the Fuyu Persimmon :

1. The best way to cut fuyu persimmon is to turn it upside down (the flowery part of the fruit facing down), cut it in the middle till nearing the flowery part, then just pull apart one side of the fruit from another (this method would be better to handle since the flowery part of the fruit is very thick and big).

fuyu pesimmon

2. The other way to cut this fruit is by placing the fruit on the cutting board by its side and cut it exactly in the middle (this way of cutting the fruit makes more interesting as you can see the star shaped pattern of the seeds in the center)

Nutrition value of Fuyu Persimmon per 100grams :

1. Carbohydrates – 18.6g

2. Fat – .19g

3. Protein – .58g

and contains vitamins like Vitamin B2, Vitamin B9, Vitamin C, Calcium, Iron and Sodium