Capsicum Rice Recipe

Ingredients :

1. Capsicum/ Kudai Milagai – 1 (chop them into cube size pieces)

2. Onions/ Vengayam – 1 (big – chopped slenderly)

3. Cooked Rice – 2 cups

4. Ginger Garlic Paste/ Inji Poondu Vizhuthu

5. Dried Red Chili’s/ Kaaintha Milagai – 4

6. Coriander powder/ Dhania Thool

7. Cinnamon/ Pattai

8. Cloves/ Krambu

9. Urad Dal/ Ulundu – 1 spoon

10. Chana Dal/ Kadalai Paruppu – 1 spoon

11. Peanuts/ Kadalai

12. Cumin seeds/ Seerakam

13. Mustard/ Kaduku

14. Salt

15. Ghee

16. Oil/ Yennai

capsicum rice

Method :

1. Take a pan and dry fry by adding ingredients like cumin seeds, mustard, cinnamon, cloves, dried red chili’s, coriander powder, urad dal and chana dal until they turn into light brown in color

2. Then grind all the fried ingredients to a fine powder consistency

3. Now take a pan add oil and heat it. Then add onions and capsicum. Mix and fry well

4. While they are getting fried add peanuts, ginger garlic paste, salt, mix and fry well. Then add the masala powder previously prepared, mix and cook well

5. Now add some ghee, mix well and let it cook for some time, then add the cooked rice to it, mix well, garnish it with coriander leaves, the recipe is ready

Capsicum in tamil is called Kudai Milagai

Onions in tamil is called Vengayam

Ginger Garlic Paste in tamil is called Inji Poondu Vizhuthu

Dried Red Chili’s in tamil is called Kaaintha Milagai

Coriander powder in tamil is called Dhania Thool

Cinnamon in tamil is called Pattai

Cloves in tamil is called Krambu

Urad Dal in tamil is called Ulundu

Chana Dal in tamil is called Kadalai Paruppu

Peanuts in tamil is called Kadalai

Cumin seeds in tamil is called Seerakam

Mustard in tamil is called Kaduku

Oil in tamil is called Yennai