Strawberry Panna Cotta Recipe

About Panna Cotta :

it is a Italian dessert meaning “Cooked Cream”, made by mixing and adding milk, cream, sugar in a low heat with gelatin. Then the dish is refrigerated until it sets well. You can make different varieties by just changing the topping by either adding berries or chocolate or mango, etc.,

Ingredients :

1. Milk – 1 cup

2. Strawberry Gelatin Powder – 1 Tbs

3. Sugar – 1 Tbs

4. Honey – 1 Tbs

5. Salt – a pinch

6. Strawberry’s – 3/4 cut into small pieces

7. Whipped Cream – 1/2 cup


Method :

IMG_3502(1) IMG_3505(1)

1. Take a bowl add milk and strawberry gelatin powder, mix well until the gelatin powder dissolves. Let it set for 5 minutes

Snapshot 1 (4-23-2013 6-17 PM)

2. Then pour this mixture to a pan and heat it in a low flame, stir continuously so that the gelatin powder alone dissolves and milk does’nt boil/ curdle

IMG_3506(1)IMG_20130325_153256cooking salt

3. Once the gelatin powder gets dissolved nicely add sugar, honey and salt, mix well

Snapshot 2 (4-23-2013 6-24 PM)

4. After mixing the above ingredients well, add whipped cream and mix well without forming any lumps. Pour it in a glass tumbler and refrigerate until the dessert sets well (the consistency must be silky and wobbly)


5. Finally add the freshly cut strawberries to the dessert on top and decorate it as you desire,the recipe is ready