Egg Fried Rice Recipe

Ingredients :

1. Eggs/ Muttai – 2 large

2. Cauliflower Florets/ Pookosu – 1 cup

3. Carrot – 1 cup

4. Capsicum/ Kudai Milagai – 1 chopped

5. Green Onions/ Vengayathaal – 2/3

6. Onions/ Vengayam – 1 chopped

7. Ginger and Garlic/ Inji and Poondu

8. Coriander leaves/ Kothamalli Ilai

9. Basmathi rice/ Biryani Arisi – 2 1/2 cups

10. Tomato Puree – 1/4 cup

11. Vinegar – 1 tbs

12. Dried Fenugreek Leaves/ Kasoori Methi/ Kaaintha Vendhaya Keerai Ilai

13. Bread Crumbs

14. Pepper powder/ Milagu thool

15. Tandoori Masala Powder

16. Chaat Masala Powder

17. Red Chili Powder/ Kaaintha Milagai Thool

18. Corn Flour Powder – 1 tbs

19. Salt

20. Oil/ Yennai

Method :

1. Take a vessel add water and boil it, while the water is getting boiled add salt, then add cauliflower florets, pepper, mix well and close the lid for the cauliflower to steam cook. After the cauliflower gets steam cooked strain water and keep it aside

2. Meanwhile cook rice by adding little oil

3. Take a pan add oil and heat it, then add cauliflower florets (previously steam cooked), corn flour powder, tandoori masala powder, bread crumbs, kasoori methi, red chili powder, mix and fry well. After frying it well keep it aside

4. Now prepare scrambled eggs by adding little powder and keep it aside

5. Take another pan (which is big), add oil and heat it, then add onions, green onions, carrots, capsicum, finely chopped ginger and garlic. Mix well and fry well

6. Then add pepper powder, chaat masala powder, vinegar, mix and fry well. While the ingredients are getting cooked add tomato puree, mix and fry well. Now add already prepared scrambled eggs and cauliflower, mix and fry well for 2-3 minutes

7. Finally add cooked rice, mix well and garnish with coriander leaves, the recipe is ready

Eggs in tamil is called Muttai

Cauliflower Florets in tamil is called Pookosu

Capsicum in tamil is called Kudai Milagai

Green Onions in tamil is called Vengayathaal

Onions in tamil is called Vengayam

Ginger and Garlic in tamil is called Inji and Poondu

Coriander leaves in tamil is called Kothamalli Ilai

Basmathi rice in tamil is called Biryani Arisi

Dried Fenugreek Leaves in hindi is called Kasoori Methi/ in tamil is called Kaaintha Vendhaya Keerai Ilai

Pepper powder in tamil is called Milagu thool

Red Chili Powder in tamil is called Kaaintha Milagai Thool

Oil in tamil is called Yennai

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