Chettinad Special Kara Kuzhi Paniyaram Recipe | Kuli Paniyaram Recipe

* Kuzhi paniyaram tawa / paniyaram kal is required for making this dish


Ingredients :

1. Idli / Dosa batter/   Idli or Dosai Maavu

2. Carrot – 1 cup (finely chopped)

3. Green Chili’s/ Pachai Milagai – 3 (finely chopped)

4. Ginger/ Inji – finely chopped

5. Urad Dal / Ulutham Paruppu  / Ulundu- 2 tbs

6. Chana Dal / Kadalai Paruppu – 1 tbs

7. Curry Leaves/ Karuvepillai – chopped into small pieces

8. Pepper Cons/ Milagu

9. Mustard/ Kaduku

10. Salt

11. Oil/ Yennai

Method :

1. Take a pan, add oil and heat it, then add mustard seeds and let it splutter

2. Now add pepper cons, urad dal, chana dal, curry leaves, green chili’s, ginger,  and carrots one by one, Saute it well until all the ingredients get nicely fried

3. Then add these fried ingredients to the batter (add salt and whisk the batter well beforehand ) and mix it

4. Now take the kuzhi paniyaram tawa add oil in each of the cups and heat it, pour the batter mixture in each cups of the kuzhi paniyaram tawa, and let the paniyaram cook, close with a lid and monitor it regularly. After you see the bottom side of paniyaram is cooked turn over the paniyaram’s for other side to cook. Once both sides are cooked remove them from paniyaram tawa and garnish with coriander leaves, serve hot with chutney. The recipe is ready