Cactus Pear/ Prickly Pear Fruit – About and How to eat Prickly Pear

Cactus Pear / Prickly Pear :

  •  It belongs to the cactus family Cactaceae, it has several names like Nopales, Cactus Fig, Tuna, Opuntia, Paddle Cactus
  • It was named Opuntia because it was found in the ancient greek city Opus
  • They are eaten as fruit or used for making candies, drinks or jellies
  • They are also been used in mexican cuisine
  • The cactus has a flattened cladode with spines
  • It has high anti-oxidants, fiber, vitamins like A and C, and also helps in reducing blood sugar (type 2 diabetes), high – cholesterol, obesity


How to eat The Cactus Pear/ Prickly Pear : 

  • Since the cactus pear has some spines first remove its skin and then slice them to pieces to consume them