Shiitake Mushroom – About, Nutritional Facts and much more

Shiitake Mushrooms : belongs to the species Lentinula Edodes, They are also called as Golden Oak Mushroom or Oak Wood Mushroom or Black Forest Mushroom. They are cultivated in many Asian Countries, its nativity belongs to Japan, China and Korea. They have a meaty flavor and a delicate texture, it is a typical wild mushroom. They are brown in color and have caps were its diameter ranges between 2-5 inches

Nutritional Facts and Health Benefits :

Have Vitamins like B2, B3, B6 and D, also rich in minerals, They have compounds like DEA which helps in lowering cholesterol, supporting cardiovascular health, other benefits include immune support and anti-cancer benefits

Culinary Purpose :

You can use them in stir fry recipes, in soups, or can use them in pastas, or they can be grilled / sauteed