Green Velvet Coffee Mug Cake Recipe (Spring Special)

Ingredients :

1. Self Rising Flour – 1/2 cup

2. Low Fat Milk – 1/4 cup

3. Egg / Muttai – 1

4. Sugar / Sarkarai – 4 Tbs

5. Chocolate Syrup – 1 Tbs

6. Vanilla Extract – 1 Ts

7. Green Food Color – 2 drops

8. Vinegar – 1/2 Ts

9. Oil / Yennai – 2-3 Tbs

10. Salt

Method :

1. In a mixing bowl add all the ingredients like flour, sugar, chocolate syrup, oil, egg, vanilla extract, green food color and salt. Mix/ beat all the ingredients together using an egg beater

2. Then take another small cup, add milk and vinegar, mix it together and add it to previously prepared flour batter, mix all the ingredients together without forming any lumps

3. Take a coffee mug and pour the cake batter in the cup (fill only till half of the cup so that the cake would have space to rise), microwave it for 90 seconds , remove it from microwave (wear gloves to handle the cup since it would be hot to handle), sprinkle some dessert sprinklers, the recipe is ready