Portobello Mushrooms – About, Nutritional Facts and Much More…

Portobello Mushroom : they are the mature Agaricus bisporus which are the edible basidiomycete mushrooms. When they are immature and when they are white in color, they are commonly called as the button / common/ white mushrooms. When they are immature and brown in color they are called swiss brown / brown cap / crimini mushrooms. Portobello mushroom belong to the crimini family and the only factor which separates them from crimini are their size

Nutritional Facts : they have zero cholesterol, have high fiber, minerals like potassium, phosphorus and sodium, vitamins like Vitamin B, B1 and B6

Culinary Purpose : Portobello mushrooms are cooked in many ways like grilling by marinating them, or sauteed, or baked, or stuffed