Difference Between Portobello and Baby Bella Mushroom / About Bella Mushrooms

The young brown colored, button shaped, Portobello mushrooms are called bella mushrooms. They all belong to the same Agaricus Bisporus family, ie., when the portobello mushrooms are immature with darker flesh, also with closed caps, with all their gills covered with the mushroom skin, they are called Bella mushrooms/ baby Portobello / Cremini mushrooms. As they mature the gills start to tan to dark brown and their caps become flat, they even grow up to 5 inches in diameter – these are then called as the Portobello mushrooms. And when these same mushrooms when immature with pale white color they are known as the Button mushroom / White mushroom which are commonly found in all market places

Nutritional Facts : They have zero cholesterol, low in fat, contain all essential nutrients and vitamins, like Vitamin B, Niacin, Riboflavin, and Pantothenate