Easy Deviled Eggs Recipe without Mayonnaise

Ingredients : 

1. Hard Boiled Eggs (shells removed) / Muttai – 2

2. Thick Yogurt – 3 Tbs

3. Pepper Powder

4. Crushed Mustard – 2-3 Ts

5. Garlic Pepper Powder

6. Paprika

7. Chives

8. Salt



Method : 

1. Cut the hard boiled eggs lengthwise, remove the egg yellow and add it to a mixing bowl

2. Add yogurt and salt, mix it well using a fork, until it becomes creamy, then add other ingredients like pepper powder, mustard (crushed), garlic pepper powder. Mix them well and refill them in the egg whites, Sprinkle some paprika and chives on top, the recipe is ready