Murukku(Chakali) Recipe/ Festival Special Murukku Recipe

Ingredients :

1. Rice Flour / Arisi Maavu – 5 cups

2. Besan Flour / Gram Flour / Chickpea Flour / Kadalai Maavu – 1 3/4 cups

3. Butter – 5 Tbs

4. Red Chili Powder / Milagai Thool – 1-2 Tbs

5. Asafetida

6. Cumin Seeds / Seerakam

7. Salt

8. Oil

Method :

1. In a large mixing bowl and add all the ingredients like rice flour, besan flour, salt, red chili powder, asafetida, butter (melt the butter), mix all the ingredients together, add water little by little and make the dough

2. Take a pan, add oil and heat it, Add the dough inside the murukku maker and make your desired murukku shape, deep fry in oil until they turn light golden brown in color, the recipe is ready