Indo Chinese Special Mushroom Manchurian Recipe

Ingredients :

1. Mushroom – cut them to quarter size pieces

2. All Purpose Flour / Maida – 4 Tbs

3. Corn Starch – 2-3 Tbs

4. Rice Flour Powder / Arisi Maavu – 1-2 Tbs

5. Onions / Vengayam – 1 cup

6. Ginger and Garlic / Inji and Poondu – finely chopped

7. Green Peppers / Pachai Milagai – 2/3

8. Green Onions / Vengaya Thaal – 4

9. Soya Sauce

10. Vinegar

11. Tomato Ketchup

12. Chili Garlic Paste / Poondu Milagai Araitha Vizhuthu

13. Pepper Powder

14. Salt

Method :

1. Make a thick batter by adding water little by little to ingredients like all purpose flour, corn starch, rice flour powder, pepper powder, and salt

2. Add the mushroom pieces to the batter and coat them well, then fry them in oil and set it aside

3. Now take a pan add oil and heat it, add ginger, garlic, and fry them well, then add onions, cut green onion bulbs, and green peppers, mix and saute all the ingredients together well

4. Then add soya sauce, sugar (optional), vinegar, ketchup, chili garlic paste, green chili paste (optional), and salt (check before adding since we have already added salt in the batter and sauces also have salt in them), mix all the ingredients well, then add the previously fried mushroom, mix well and cook for 1-2 minutes, the recipe is ready, garnish with green onion greens