Cake Pops Recipe | How To Make Cake Pops Recipe

Ingredients :

1. Cake Crumbs Рmake any basic plain cake /  flavored cake and remove their edges and take only the center part and make the crumbles

2. Butter Cream Frosting – flavored or plain – 2 Tbs (Since i made lemon flavored cake im using lemon flavored frosting)

3. Chocolate – melted

4. Dessert Sprinklers

5. Cake Pop Sticks or Skewer Sticks

Method :

1. Take a mixing bowl and add the cake crumbs and butter cream frosting, mix it well and make a fine dough

2. Then make small size balls out of it place them in a tray and freeze them for 15-20 minutes

3. Melt chocolate in a bowl, take the cake pops out of freezer and let it set to room temperature then add the sticks to each cake pops and dip them in the chocolate mixture, add sprinkles on top, the recipe is ready