Quick And Easy Curry Leaves Powder Rice Recipe / Karuveppilai Podi Sadam Recipe

Ingredients : 

Cooked Rice / Sadam – 2 cups

1. Curry Leaves / Karuveppilai  – 1 cup

2. Pepper Cons / Milagu – 3 Ts

3. Asafetida

4. Mustard Seeds / kaduku

5. Coriander Seeds / Dhania – 1 Ts

6. Salt

7. Oil /  Yennai

Method :

1. Take a pan and dry roast ingredients like pepper cons, curry leaves, and asafetida, add them one by one

2. Then add the roasted ingredients to a blender, also add salt and grind them finely

3. Then take a pan add oil and heat it, add mustard and coriander seeds, let it splutter, then add the cooked rice and mix well, and then add the grinded curry leaves powder and mix well (you can also add ghee if u like), the recipe is ready