Mixed Vegetable Cutlet Recipe

Ingredients :

1. Mixed Vegetables – 1 cup steam cooked

2. Potato / Urulai Kizhangu – 3 steam cooked and mashed

3. Ginger / Inji – cut finely

4. Green Chili / Pachai Milagai – 2 chopped

5. Coriander Seeds / Dhania – 1 Ts

6. Coriander Cumin Powder / Dhania Seerakam Podi – 2Ts

7. Garam Masala Powder – 1-2 Ts

8. Bread Crumbs

9. Salt

10. Oil / Yennai

Method :

1. Take a pan, add oil and heat it, then add coriander seeds, ginger and green chili’s, saute them well

2. Then add the masala powder ingredients like coriander cumin powder, garam masala powder and salt, mix it well, Now add the steam cooked mashed potato’s and vegetables, mix it well, transfer them to a large mixing bowl, take another / same pan add oil and heat it

3. Make small balls out of it and pat them nicely and make any shapes you want, coat all the sides with bread crumbs and fry it in oil, the recipe ready