Andhra Special Gongura / Pulicha Keerai Chicken Curry Recipe

Gongura chicken also known as Pulicha Keerai Chicken Curry is a famous dish from Andhra and Tamil Nadu. Gives a tangy and soft consistency in mouth.

Ingredients :

Chicken – marinate it by adding ginger garlic paste, 1/2 Ts red chili powder, and lemon juice for 1 hour
1. Gongura Leaves / Pulicha Keerai – 1 bunch remove leaves from its twigs and wash them thoroughly
2. Onion / Vengayam – 1 chopped
3. Green Chili / Pachai Milagai – 2 chopped
4. Red Chili Powder / Milagai Thool – 2 Ts
5. Coriander Powder / Dhania Thool – 1 Ts
6. Chicken Masala Powder – 1 Ts and 7. Salt
8. Curry Leaves / Karuveppilai – few
Spluttering Ingredients :
Cumin Seeds, Fennel Seeds, Pepper Cons, Cloves, Cinnamon Sticks, Bay Leaves

To grind ingredients :
1. Tomato / Thakkali – 1 big – chopped
2. Ginger and Garlic – chopped



Pulicha Keerai Chicken Curry aka Andhra Gungura Chicken Curry

Pulicha Keerai Chicken Curry aka Andhra Gungura Chicken Curry

Method :

  1. Take a vessel add water and boil it, add the gongura leaves to the boiling water and cook it, then mash it nicely to fine paste like consistency
  2. Take a pan, add oil and heat it, add the spluttering ingredients and let them splutter, then add curry leaves, green onions and green chili’s, saute it well, also add salt and mix well
  3. Then add the marinated chicken. mix it well, cook it by closing the lid, add the grinded paste and dry masala powder ingredients, mix well, let the curry cook (add water if required), switch off the flame, garnish with coriander leaves, the recipe is ready