Homemade Lollipop Recipe

Homemade Lollipop : is made with simple ingredients like corn syrup and sugar, you can make your customised lollipops and have fun with kids

homemade Lollipop

Ingredients For Making Homemade Lollipop :

1. Gel Food Coloring
2. Sugar – 2 cups
3. Water and Corn Syrup – 2/3 cups
4. Orange extract or any fruit extract – 1 Ts
5. Candy Thermometer


homemade Lollipop


Method For Making Homemade Lollipop :

  1. Take a vessel, add in sugar, corn syrup and water, mix well, switch on the stove and heat the sugar syrup, place the candy thermometer always inside the vessel to note the temperature, do not stir the mixture, remove the crystals forming on the side of the vessel using a brush, meanwhile set a vessel with cold water, and also a greased sheet with lollipop sticks placed with equal amount of distance in between
  2. Once the temperature reaches 310 degrees , switch off the flame and keep the vessel immediately on the cold water to cool the mixture, once its cooled off, separate the mixture into separate bowls to add the extract and different colors, mix well, take a spoon full and drop on the lollipop sticks, u can also add some sprinkles its totally optional, once they harden, they are ready to eat