Carving Fish Using Tomato | Tomato Goldfish(Vegetable Carving)


Carving Fish Using Tomato

Carving Fish Using Tomato | Tomato Goldfish(Vegetable


We are going to see how to carve a beautiful goldfish using a tomato / Carving Fish Using Tomato, which can be placed as a center piece/ presenting / for decorating any dish you make, with few simple steps of cutting the tomato we can make this and its a simple and easy one for beginners learning vegetable carving

Ingredients Required To Carving Fish Using Tomato :

1. Tomato – 1 for each fish
2. Pepper Cons – 2 for eyes


Carving Fish Using Tomato

Method For Making Tomato GoldFish (Vegetable Carving) / Carving Fish Using Tomato :

1. Cut the tomato lengthwise to two pieces

2. Take one of the two pieces and cut a V shape on one side

3. Use one of the remaining cut V shape pieces and place them on top to make top fin of the fish

4. Use the other remaining V shape cut piece to make side fins by cutting them in middle to two exact size pieces and place them on the side

5. Now cut thin slices out of the second tomato piece to make back fins

6. Make a little slit in places were eyes have to be placed and place / insert the pepper cons, and the Carving Fish Using Tomato is ready