Palak (Spinach) Kofta Curry Recipe | Pasalai Keerai Urundai Kuzhambu

Palak (Spinach) Kofta Curry is made with spinach, onion and potato mixture kofta balls along with other spices, in a rich and delicious curry made with spinach, cashews, coconut and onions, this curry can be served as a side dish with any roti, chapati, naan items


Palak (Spinach) Kofta Curry Recipe

Palak (Spinach) Kofta Curry Recipe


Ingredients For Making Palak (Spinach) Kofta Curry :

Ingredients Required To Make Kofta Balls For Palak (Spinach) Kofta Curry:

1. Steam Cooked and Mashed Potato’s / Vekavaithu Masitha Urulai
Kizhangu – 5
2. Onion / Vengayam – 1 chopped finely
3. Green Chili / Pachai Milagai – 2 chopped finely
4. Spinach / Pasalai Keerai – 1 cup finely chopped
5. Bread – 2 slices soaked in few Ts of water
6. Amchur Powder / Maangai Podi – 1 Ts
7. Garam Masala Powder – 1/2 Ts
8. Red Chili Powder / Milagai Thool – 1/2 Ts
9. Salt
10. Oil For Frying and Sauteing


Palak (Spinach) Kofta Curry Recipe

Palak (Spinach) Kofta Curry Recipe


Ingredients For Making The Curry For The Palak (Spinach) Kofta Curry:

1. Onion / Vengayam – 1 big chopped
2. Palak / Pasalai Keerai – 2 cups
3. Ginger / Inji – small cube size piece finely chopped
4. Coconut / Thuruviya Thengai – 1/2 cup
5. Cashew Nuts / Munthiri Paruppu – 10 soaked in water for
5 to 10 minutes
6. Cumin Seeds / Seerakam
7. Salt and Oil

Masala Powder Ingredients Required For Making The Curry :

1. Amchur Powder / Maangai Podi – 1/2 Ts
2. Red Chili Powder / Milagai Thool – 1 Ts
3. Turmeric Powder / Manjal Thool – 1/2 Ts
4. Coriander Powder / Dhania Thool – 1/2 Ts



Palak (Spinach) Kofta Curry Recipe

Palak (Spinach) Kofta Curry Recipe

Method For Making The Kofta Balls :

Steam Cook and Mash Potato’s and set it aside in a mixing bowl

  1. Take a pan add oil and heat it, add green chili’s, onions, saute them, do not brown the onions, then add the spinach, mix and saute them too, Add masala powder ingredients like garam masala powder, red chili powder, amchur powder, mix and saute them well, switch off the flame and let it cool 
  2. Then add it to the mashed potato’s, along with salt and soaked bread pieces (while soaking the bread slices do not add more water or else the kofta mixture will have more moisture and it will become difficult for making the kofta balls and also during frying they might break so avoid excess moisture, if there is any excess moisture add little bit of all purpose flour or maida to it as they absorb it very well and help as a binding ingredient )
  3. Mix all the ingredients together well and make a fine dough and make lemon size kofta balls, meanwhile add oil for frying in a vessel and heat it, add the kofta balls in oil and fry them until they turn golden brown in color, set it aside, now the kofta balls are ready for making Palak (Spinach) Kofta Curry

Method For Making The Curry (Palak (Spinach) Kofta Curry) :

  1. Take a pan add oil and heat it, add ginger and saute it well, then add onions, saute them make sure they do not turn brown in color, then add the spinach, mix well and saute it, switch off the flame and cool the ingredients, Add them to a blender along with cashew nuts and coconut, grind them to a fine paste
  2. Now take a pan add oil and heat it, add cumin seeds and let it splutter, then add the grinded paste, mix well, let it cook for 2 minutes then add all the masala powder ingredients for the curry, mix well, also add salt, and let the curry cook until bubbles form on top of the curry, this is the point were we will add the previously prepared koftas and let it cook in low flame for another 2 minutes, you can also add some dried kasoori methi leaves and garnish, the Palak (Spinach) Kofta Curry is now ready to serve with any naan, roti or chapati items