Goan Shrimp (Prawn) Curry Recipe

Goan Shrimp Curry is a delicious curry recipe with shrimp or you make them with prawns too, they have nice subtle flavors


Goan Shrimp Curry

Ingredients :

Ingredients Required For Making Goan Shrimp Curry :

1. Shrimp or Prawn / Eral – cleaned and tail off
2. Onion / Vengayam – 1 big – chopped
3. Turmeric Powder / Manjal Thool – 1/4 Ts
4. Coriander Powder / Dhania Thool – 1/2 Ts
5. Garam Masala Powder – 1/2 Ts
6. Bay Leaves / Brinji Ilai, Cloves / Krambu, Cinnamon Stick / Krambu
7. Salt and Oil

To Grind To Fine Paste :

1. Tomato / Thakkali – 1 cup – chopped
2. Green Chili / Pachai Milagai – 2 chopped
3. Curry Leaves / Karuveppilai – few
4. Ginger and Garlic / Inji and Poondu – 1 small piece ginger and 5 cloves of garlic
5. Shredded Coconut / Thuruviya Thengai – 1/2 cup
6. Dried Red Chili / Kaaintha Milagai – 5
7. Mustard and Cumin Seeds / Kaduku and Seerakam
8. Vinegar and Sugar

Goan Shrimp Curry

Method :

Method For Making Goan Shrimp Curry :

  1. Grind to a fine paste by adding all the ingredients mentioned above to grind to a fine paste
  2. Then take a pan, add oil and heat it, then add cloves, cinnamon sticks and bay leaves let it splutter, now add the onions and saute them well for 2 minutes, once onions are sauted well add turmeric powder, coriander powder, garam masala powder and salt, mix well 
  3. Now add the grinded paste, mix well, also add sufficient amount of water, mix well, let the curry cook, once you see small bubbles forming on top surface of the curry add the shrimp pieces and let it cook, when done, switch off the flame garnish with coriander leaves, the goan shrimp curry is ready

Goan Shrimp Curry