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Strawberry Rose – Carving Rose with Strawberry (Mothers ...

Important Tip while handling a banana blossom is you have to either wear a gloves or rub some oil on your hands to avoid the coloration/ stains you get on your handsĀ  Ingredients : 1. Banana Blossoms / Vazhaipoo – 1 (remove each petal and remove the florets inside them) […]

Easy and Tasty Vazhaipoo Poriyal Recipe

We are going to see how to carve a tomato like a basket and use it for decorating your dishes/ recipes

Tomato Basket Decoration for Recipes | Vegetable Carving in ...

Ingredients : Fryums (Vadagam)/ Papad (Apalam) Method : (frying fryums/ papad without oil ) 1. Spread thick kitchen tissue on the microwave plate and arrange the fryums/ papad on it by leaving sufficient space/ gaps in between each fryums/ papads 2. Set timings to 1 or 1.10 minutes depending upon […]

Easy Method of Frying Fryums/ Papads Using Microwave Recipe