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Chilli Idli is a quick and easy to make, yummy, spicy variety of idli recipe, you can make this as a evening snack too with the leftover idlis or make them with fresh batch of cooked idli too   Ingredients : Ingredients Required For Making Chilli Idli Are : Idli – […]

Chilli Idli Recipe | Tasty And Spicy Manchurian Idli Recipe

Apple Blueberry Juice Smoothie is quick and easy to make its a refreshing drink, it also has celery stick added to it to give a nice mild flavor of celery along with berry & apple, no added sugar Ingredients : Ingredients Required For Apple Blueberry Juice Smoothie : 1. Blueberries […]

Quick & Easy Apple Blueberry Juice Smoothie Recipe

Aloe Vera – About, Nutritional Facts, How To Cut & Much More   Aloe Vera – About, Nutritional Facts 1. They are mostly grown as ornamental plants, they grow in tropical regions, are found all over the world, when placed in pots with proper water drain and sunlight they really […]

Aloe Vera – About, Nutritional Facts, How To Cut & ...