Ingredients : 1. Portobello Mushroom Caps – 2 2. Onion / Vengayam – 1 cup 3. Tomato / Thakkali – 1 chopped 4. Garlic / Poondu – minced 5. Green Chili’s / Pachai Milagai – 2/3 6. Pepper Powder 7. Dried Mint Leaves / Pudina 8. Chaat Masala Powder 9. […]

Grilled Portobello Caps Recipe (Indian Style Chaat)

The young brown colored, button shaped, Portobello mushrooms are called bella mushrooms. They all belong to the same Agaricus Bisporus family, ie., when the portobello mushrooms are immature with darker flesh, also with closed caps, with all their gills covered with the mushroom skin, they are called Bella mushrooms/ baby […]

Difference Between Portobello and Baby Bella Mushroom / About Bella ...

Portobello Mushroom : they are the mature Agaricus bisporus which are the edible basidiomycete mushrooms. When they are immature and when they are white in color, they are commonly called as the button / common/ white mushrooms. When they are immature and brown in color they are called swiss brown / […]

Portobello Mushrooms – About, Nutritional Facts and Much More…

Shiitake Mushrooms : belongs to the species Lentinula Edodes, They are also called as Golden Oak Mushroom or Oak Wood Mushroom or Black Forest Mushroom. They are cultivated in many Asian Countries, its nativity belongs to Japan, China and Korea. They have a meaty flavor and a delicate texture, it is a […]

Shiitake Mushroom – About, Nutritional Facts and much more

About : They are edible, they belong to the genus Pleurotus ostreatus which are gilled mushrooms, It was first cultivated in Germany. They mostly grow as shelf like clusters on woods of the trees, they have a very distinctive smell like anise. Oyster mushrooms belong in the wild mushroom category, […]

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