* This dish is modified version of Kadai Paneer Recipe, where paneer is substituted by healthy vegetables and no butter is added, the curry goes well with chapathi, puri, rice and etc., you can also add mushrooms, potato’s or any vegetables (except vegetables containing more water)… Ingredients : 1. Carrots […]

Mixed Vegetable Kadai Curry Recipe

Ingredients : 1. Asparagus/ Thaneervittan Kodi – cut them into small 1 inch pieces 2. Garlic/ Poondu – 5 3. Garlic Pepper Seasoning 4. Spaghetti (Thin) /Neelaman Noodles – * cook it and keep it aside 5. Monterey Cheese/ Paalkatti – 1 cup (shredded) 6. Parmesan Cheese – 3 spoons […]

Two Cheese Asparagus with Spaghetti Recipe

Ingredients : Scallops Onions/ Vengayam – 1 cup Green onions/ Vengaya thal – 1 cup Green chili’s/ Pachai milagai – 6 Ginger/ Inji Garlic/ Poondu Mint Leaves/ Pudina – 1 cup Pepper powder/ Milagu thool Red chili powder/ Milagai thool Turmeric powder/ Manjal thool Coriander powder/ Dhania thool Garam masala […]

Easy, Spicy Scallops Masala Recipe

Ingredients : Ulundu/ Urad Dal/ Black Gram – 2 cups Onions/ Vengayam – 1 big (chopped finely) Ginger/ Inji Garlic/ Poondu Green Chili’s/ Pachai Milagai – 5 Curry Leaves/ karuveppilai Salt Oil/ Yennai Method: 1. Soak the black gram in water an hour before preparing the recipe 2. Grind the […]

Ulundu Vadai Recipe | Medhu Vadai Recipe

Ingredients : Palak/ Spinach/ Pasalai keerai Cashew nuts – 10 Onions/ vengayam – 1 cup (finely chopped) Green chili – 4 Butter – small cube Ginger/ Inji Garlic/ Poondu Cumin seeds Mustard Garam masala Oil Method : 1. Take a pan, put oil and heat it, add spinach/ palak leaves […]

Cashew nut, Butter Palak Recipe

Ingredients : Bitter gourd (Pavakkai/ Kakarakaya) – 1 cup (chopped) Onion’s – 1 cup Tomato’s – 1/2 cup Ginger and Garlic – finely chopped Tamarind Cumin seeds Curry leaves (Kariveppilai) Coriander leaves (Kothamalli ilai) Green chili’s (Pachai Milagai) – 2 Red chili powder Turmeric Powder Garam masala powder Jaggery (Vellam) […]

Spicy Bitter Gourd Curry Recipe

Ingredients : Paneer Capsicum/ kuda milagai – 1 cup Tomato/ Thakkali – 1 cup Onion/ ¬†Vengayam – 2 cups Garam masala Ginger/ Inji – 1 small piece Garlic/ Poondu – 6 pieces Fried cashewnuts/ Varutha Mundhiri Paruppu – 8 Red chili’s/ Kaintha milagai ¬†– 7 Green chili’s/ Pachai Milagai – […]

Kadai Paneer Recipe

Ingredients : Prawns/ Eral/ Royallu Onions – 1 cup Garlic (chopped pieces) – few Ginger paste/ Allam Mustard, Cumin seeds Red Chili powder,¬†Coriander powder, Turmeric powder Coriander leaves – for garnishing Salt Oil   Method : 1. Add oil to the pan, fry mustard and cumin seeds, add onions, garlic, […]

Prawns Masala Curry Recipe

Ingredients: Prawns/ Eral/ Royallu Onion/ Vengayam – 35 grams Garlic/ Poondu – 6 grams Ani seeds/ Sombu – 3 grams Cloves/ Krambu – 3 grams Cinnamon/ Pattai – 6 grams Channa Dhal/ Pottukadalai – 1 cup Green Chili/ Pachai Milagai – 4 Coconut pieces(big)/ Thengai – 5 Curry leaves/ Karuveppilai, […]

Prawns Vadai Recipe

Ingredients: Green brinjal/ Pachai Kathirikai Potato/ Urulai Kizhangu Onion/ Vengayam Beans Cabbage/ Muttakos Green peas/ Pacahai Pattani Small Onions/ Sambar Vengayam/ Chinna Vengayam Red chili’s/ Kaintha Milagai Pepper/ Milagu Ginger/ Inji Garlic/ Poondu Oil Salt Mustard/ Kaduku Curry leaves/ Karuveppilai   Method: 1.take some poppy seeds soak it in hot […]

Chettinad Mixed Vegetable Curry Recipe